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Barbara Carper, a nurse, provided the basic framework for holistic nursing focusing on knowing and knowledge in the nursing profession. "Carper's way of knowing in nursing, empirics, esthetics, personal knowing, and ethics, provide a guide to holistic practice, education, and research" (Holtslander, 2008)..

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Review the Resources and reflect on the impact of clinical systems on outcomes and efficiencies within the context of nursing practice and healthcare delivery. Conduct a search for recent (within the last 5 years) research focused on the application of clinical systems..

The serine/threonine phosphatase calcineurin (CaN) is a unique but confounding calcium/calmodulin-mediated enzyme. Director, Health Management Program Yale School of Public Health, Health Policy and Principal Investigator, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Integration of Health and Social Services, and 70. Custom Writing..